The #1 Psychology Tricks To INSTANTLY Persuade Anyone (Anytime)

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Persuasion is a very useful skill that comes in handy in so many circumstances. In fact, the art of persuasion is one of the most particular skills you could learn.

Maybe you want to lose an important sell or coax your boos into giving you arise, or you simply want to persuade someone to do a favor for you.

In situations like these, it’s good to know how to use psychology to your advantage. Especially since convincing others ( mostly those with a strong opposing point of view) can be difficult.

understanding how and when to use the following tricks will also help you to detect when they being used on you.

#1 Explain the reason for your request

Have you ever has to stand in a line for something important but you were in a real hurry? maybe you even tried to seek permission to cut in line. But it probably didn’t work.

You could have increased your chances if you had given a compelling reason. You could have simply said something like: “Can I cut in line? I have only a few items and I’m in a rush.” or “ can I cut in line? I’m about to miss my flight”.

Give reasons for your request will increase the chance of persuading the others. And remember the bigger your request the biggest your reason should be.

#2 Use polite expressions

Words like “Please” and “Thanks” are magical words that you need to learn to apply when trying to persuade someone.

As humans, we have learned to react well to these words, and we are more open to request than instructions — after all, no one loves to be ordered around- A smiling face and a “please” can work wonders.

So use polite expressions whenever you are trying to persuade someone to do something.

#3 Compliment

Compliments can go a long way, they are very useful in persuasion because when you compliment someone they are instantly more open to what you have to say.

Also when given people compliments, it can change some of the preconceived they might have had about you. You just have to ensure that your compliments are very honest and subtle.

Complementing people when you don’t mean it will do the opposite so be careful.

#4 Be an active listener

The best persuasive people are an active listener. But why listening is an important part of persuasion?

In persuasion, you’re trying to sell your ideas or to get consent to your request. But how do you get people to accept your request?

This is where listening becomes a real benefit, listening well, will help you to understand the person you’re persuading. You will come to discover some of the objective and worries they might have regarding your request.

And will help you to present your idea and request in a more appealing way.

In the art of persuasion, listening is more important than talking.

#5 Use fluid speech

When you speak with your sentences colored with hesitant words such as “like” or “I mean”, it makes appear less confident and less sure of what you’re talking about.

Confidence is key to persuading people.

Basically, the more confident you appear in your speech, the easier it will be to persuade others.




Writer, love what I do, and I realy love sharing my knowledge with you

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Writer, love what I do, and I realy love sharing my knowledge with you

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